Surprise!  The Hedman children (Silas, Sheridan and Josiah) with the gift basket from their friends at WAC.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our family website.  We are using it for the next couple of weeks to communicate to our friends who are joining with us to bless the Hedman family.

Why do so many feel led to bless this family?  Because they are an incredible loving family that God has placed on our hearts.  Dan served at Woodinville Alliance Church for over four years as the Pastor of Student Ministries and as Jr. High Pastor.  He stepped up to the plate on numerous occasions to fill in the gap when a staff position was left open .  Many times at the expense of time with his family.  We all grew to love and respect Dan and his family and when Josiah was diagnosed with a brain tumor  at the tender age of three we all wept with them and prayed with them.  We praise God with the Hedmans for bringing Josiah and the family through all the radiation and chemo treatments.  Three years later, to the month, Josiah is free from cancer but must undergo routine scans to make sure it has not come back.

After many months of praying and fasting Dan applied for the senior pastor job at Woodinville Alliance.  The search team did not feel that Dan was a good match for the senior pastor job.  Because he applied for the senior pastor job and did not receive it his employment with the church was terminated.  The process was surrounded with turmoil and confusion that left many, especially the Hedman family, with deep wounds, questions and mistrust.  Many of our hearts ached when they left without any real thank you or show of gratitude for all that they had done, for the time they had invested in us. 

God has given us a unique opportunity to bless the Hedman family financially through the church.  This is not only a very tangible way to thank them and let them know what they mean to us but also a way to heal the wounds both they and we as a church incurred during the tumultuous time of searching for a senior pastor.  Thank you for joining with us and committing to support them and stand by them on a monthly basis for one year while Dan goes back to school to earn a masters degree to better qualify him for a senior pastor job.  For more information on the big reveal of the surprise click on “Hedman Surprise Details”.

Paul & Deanna Selsor


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