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The Selsor Family

Hedman Surprise Info

Sunday, November 11th

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Hedman Surprise Party


· This is a surprise for the Hedmans!

· Turn in your October donations for the Hedmans to WAC no later than November 4th.

· Be at the Selsor’s house no later than 12:00pm on Sunday, November 11th.

· E-mail Deanna with your choice of food you would like to bring to add to the festivities.

· E-mail Deanna if you have a student that can volunteer to play with and watch the smaller children.

Make checks payable to:  WAC

(Remember to mark on them “Hedman Fund”)

*  We will be having a brunch because of the time of ay that the
    Hedmans are available. I will be asking each person to pick
    something off of the menu to bring. 
*  We will have chaffing dishes available and two 36" ovens to 
    keep things warm.
*  Please check the menu page and choose an item that no one
    has signed up for and e-mail Deanna what you will be bringing. 
*  Anyone who wants to come over to the house after first service
    to help set up and socialize we would love to have you.
Child Care:  If anyone has older students that would be willing
    to help watch kids during the festivities please let me know ASAP.    
Parking:  Just come to Paul & Deanna Selsor's and park on the
    road in front of the house so you can unload whatever you have
    brought with you.  Have the driver of the car check in with Paul Selsor.
Map/directions to Paul and Deanna Selsor's house can be found at and click on "contact us".
*  We will need volunteers willing to help with clean up after the festivities.  Please e-mail me if you can help with this.

I hope you are all as excited as I am that this day has finally come!!!

Love and Hugs,

Deanna Selsor
(425) 885-7285

Please e-mail and questions to

Please give your October donations for the Hedmans to WAC no later than Sunday, November 4th so we can have a check for them at the party.

Surprise!  The Hedman children (Silas, Sheridan and Josiah) with the gift basket from their friends at WAC