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The Selsor Family

11/9/2007 - OK, so I've evidently messed up the menu page and it is not letting me input new items and has removed some labels so if you have not signed up as of today please bring a family favorite.

These are a Hedman family favorite.  As far as they know they are coming to the Selsors for Swedish pancakes that Dan has promised to make.  There will be a smorgasbord of toppings for everyone to try.

Swedish Pancakes—Selsors/Hedmans

1)      Barkers                                                            3)  Yourzaks

2)       Barkers                                                           4)


Quiches or Favorite Egg Dish

These will be made just before the party so we will have all the ingredients but would love it if someone would be willing to keep an eye on them while they cook.

Scrambled Eggs (for the kids) - Selsors

4# Crispy regular sliced bacon—Barkers

4# Non-crispy regular sliced bacon—Barkers

                                  (If you use thick sliced bacon please add 2#’s so we have enough servings)












































Bacon (Please pre-cook at your house to eliminate pos

Sausage - Kopets


sibility of bacon grease odor at the party)

Package of patties from Costco.  This is actually sausage patties and the Kopets and Selsors have it covered.  (for some reason the heading isn't showing up when it goes to the web.

Menu for Hedman Surprise Party

To contact us call:


Cut up pineapple   Kathi Gratz

Seedless watermelon (sliced in quarters) -

Cubed cantelope—Kathi Gratz

Washed strawberries—Leslie Carlson

Washed seedless grapes—Leslie Carlson

Surprise us—


Fruit (If you choose fruit please sign up for 2 or more—thanks!)

Orange juice concentrate (6 containers) - MacDougalls

Coffee/cream/sugar/sweetner  - Selsors

Case of 16oz bottled water & 3 bags crushed ice -

Punch (?) -